A professional poker player, creating is very important to maintain the flow. It is often the difference between losing your shirt and losing your shirt. What is a flow? For me, it is a feeling that my environment is fully embraced. My workflow is poker schedule. Here’s how I do it.win7Poker

Real inspection of craft

Every situation I encounter at the poker table, i thought before in my head.
Reading poker books, watching poker videos, analyzing hands from the table, playing with many hands in a deliberate thinking process gives me the confidence that I know what’s the right play. True faith comes from the real study.


I’m sure that i want to maintain good bank management – if only those stocks have a minimum number of buyers playing stocks on a certain amount, the total destruction risk is small enough to disappear – so my poker decisions costs more than the plays I know they create risk hateful and auxiliary plays. I put down the right form and use that form of freedom from fear and it feels very easy to create flow.


Maintaining the flow is another thing. Poker is similar to life, and even if I make the right decision, sometimes the results are even more negative by factors outside my control. In such cases, it is easy to slip into the sub-optimal thinking process where I rely on what I can do instead of being present, and I continue to make the best decision for the hands I am currently involved in.