The biggest differentiator of an online casino is the bonuses and promotions it offers. It is also the least understood part of online casino games. Therefore, we dedicate this section to explaining certain important aspects of online casino bonuses.

The bonus is the money given to the player for wagering at an online casino. The first point to keep in mind is that bonuses simply cannot be funded. You must wager the bonus as required by the bonus terms. The most important condition is the recycling requirement, and this is explained in detail.

Most online casino bonuses cannot be redeemed. These are also known as sticky bonuses. Once you have met the wagering requirements, these bonuses will be removed from your account and you can only redeem winnings. If the bonus is determined to be redeemable, you can redeem the bonus along with the winnings when the wagering requirements are met.


In this case, you must make a deposit to the online casino before you can redeem the associated bonus. This type of bonus is also called a match bonus. The bonus is usually determined as a percentage of the deposit. The online casino also determines the minimum deposit that must be made to receive the bonus and the maximum amount of the bonus to be paid. A typical deposit bonus is 100% of the deposit up to € 200 on a deposit of at least € 20. If your deposit is less than € 20, you will not receive any bonus. If your deposit is € 20-200, you will receive a bonus equal to the amount of the deposit. For deposits of more than 200 euros, the bonus is set at 200 euros.

The first deposit bonus you will encounter at an online casino is a welcome bonus. That bonus is only available on your first deposit at an online casino. The definition of a welcome bonus varies greatly from casino to casino, but is usually the largest bonus offered by an online casino. Some online casinos offer a multi-deposit welcome bonus package. Welcome bonuses exceed the first few deposits. The bonus percentage and maximum bonus may be different for each deposit. The total amount of the bonus package would be a few thousand euros. After that, you will be offered reload bonuses on an ongoing basis.


Here you will receive a bonus without making a corresponding deposit. Such bonuses are also called free bonuses. These are usually much smaller than deposit bonuses because players do not invest their own funds. Online casinos have a variety of deposit-free bonuses.

Some online casinos offer a small no-deposit bonus as part of the welcome pack. That would be in the order of € 20. The goal is to let the player experience the games without making any investment. After using the bonus, if a player decides to stay at an online casino, they can withdraw the bonus winnings provided the conditions of the offer are met. Deposit bonuses are also not awarded to winners in promotions offered by online casinos. Campaigns are usually lucky lottery campaigns or leaderboard contests.


In such bonuses, players are not wagered on the casino game of their choice. Instead, they can take several free spins on selected slot games without paying bets, but the winnings accrue to the player. The online casino confirms the round bet. Winnings from free spins are usually treated as a bonus and are subject to redemption requirements.

Free spin bonuses are awarded in three general situations. The first is the deposit bonus instead. The new player is given a set amount of time to complete a certain number of free spins (or the total amount of bets) for certain online slots, provided they can keep the winnings from the free spins. The second is the new online slot. Some online casinos offer free spins on the slot machine to popularize it. Finally, free spins can be given as a prize in the campaign.

Recycling requirements

Bonuses are meant to be played at online casinos. That’s why you have to invest in them. The redemption requirements determine the extent to which you must wager the bonus before you are eligible for benefits.

The wagering requirements are best explained with an example. Assume that the unredeemed bonus is 50% of the deposit and the redemption requirement is 30 times the bonus and deposit. For a deposit of 50 euros, the bonus is 25 euros. The wagering requirement is 30x (50 + 25) or € 2,250. If there is no deposit bonus, the redemption requirement is only a multiple bonus.

When the wagering requirement is € 2,250, you must wager this amount before you can redeem the bonus benefits. In the example above, you will receive a € 25 bonus, which will be credited to your bonus account. When you bet on this